Trail Riding

There are two rules printed on the bottom left of every gate sign as rider enters International Paper [IP] land:
            1.  No Motorcycles allowed. 
            2.  No Trail Bikes allowed. 
In short, nothing that has just two wheels can be ridden on International Paper {IP} land, even if it is registered as an ATV.
There are requirements to ride on Irving Woodlands Trails
1.    Permit is good for traditional ATV's only.  Vehicle such as mini trucks etc. are not allowed.       
2.    All machines including visitors are required to display two stickers:
        *Sticker #1 - Current Club Sticker (See below List of Clubs to Choose From).
        *Sticker #2 - Current Year ATV Maine Sticker.
3.    Clubs must be registered with the State of Maine and provide proof of :
        *Recognized as being in good standing with Corporations.
         *Covered by State of Maine Insurance policy.      
        *Brian Bronson - provides Irving Woodlands with current year status.
4.    Clubs must be current members of ATV Maine and provide proof of:
        *Registered for the current season.
        *Purchased National Motorsports insurance policy, or different
            Insurance policy.
       * ATV Maine acknowledgement of current year status.
5.    Irving Woodlands does not authorize ATV use off designated trails.
6.    Irving Woodlands encourages Maine Warden and Forestry Service active participation and enforcement of ATV laws and permit obligations on all its woodlands.
7.  Irving Woodlands looks forward to working with those clubs that take responsibility for the conduct of its members and visitors.
8.   To operate on an Irving Woodlands Trail all users must demonstrate recognized membership.  Users can belong to any listed club and utilize any trail and must able to demonstrate ability to meet the conditions of #2 above to enforcement personnel and other club members.  The following is the current list of clubs that are permitted to operate on our trails.
Each year there is always Maintenance to do on the trails, it is either caused by washouts, or just wear and tear here are some pictures and video's of our members working on the trails so that they are safe and passable for all ATVer's around Aroostook County.


Attention !!!
Please when traveling the streets of Presque Isle. try to stay clear of major intersections.
Thank You.

Attention Everyone!
When traveling south towards Mars Hill. Stay off the Williams Road.
Please stay on the marked trails only.